Bikes set to run wild at Breakers

Summer may be drawing to a close but the local motorsports scene intends to take it out with a bang.

That is because two major events are taking place at Breakers Speedway over the next two weekends.

The first major happening is tonight and tomorrow evening with a motorcycle drag meet.

The meet springs to life tonight with a test and tune session at the track from 9pm-12am.

This period is expected to serve as a time to get familiar with the track and the retooled timing system.

On Saturday 22 August free-for-all grudge matches take place 6-9pm.

Grudge matches are random races between competitors that result from a challenge being given and accepted.

Some of Cayman’s fastest bikers are expected to be out to hone their reaction times and tweak their two-wheel machines.

At this point it is understood that other vehicles are welcome to come out and compete.

From there the month wraps up with a dexterity race put on by the Cayman Motorsports Association. That takes place next Saturday from 6pm.

News of this pending race comes as August has proven to be one of the busiest months for motorsports this year.

The month started out well with a dexterity race put on by the local motorsports group.

From there came the Bikes, Camera, Action motorcycle show put on Lisa Lee Promotions and the Street Sweepers bike crew at Camana Bay.

A group of local bike riders are organizing the race this weekend with Breakers Speedway Owner Robert Campbell helping the group with the logistics.

Campbell might do more than oversee the event. Back in March the mature motorsports aficionado hopped on his Huffy bicycle and ‘raced’ another mature person down the track.

On a more serious note Campbell had previously said that motorcycle racing at Breakers has been a long time in the making.

He felt the last time people raced at Breakers there were positive feelings all around which lead to no mishaps.

Over the last few months he stated a lot of people have been building and fine-tuning their bikes. Most of the bikers he has heard from are excited to get back to racing again.

Breakers Speedway officially closed its gates back in May to facilitate Campbell acquiring more funds for the track and making improvements to the facility while allowing him to deal with personal matters.

However this summer the facility has hosted a pair of dexterity races at the request of the local motorsports group.

With dexterity races being shifted to the track, much discussion had centred on whether Breakers is officially open or not.

Campbell spelled out the track’s use this month. He stated that though the track remains officially closed he can and will rent the track out for events.

The facility is also open for individual private use, reportedly in the evenings and on weekends.

To go about renting the track or for more information call Robert Campbell at 916-2222 or e-mail him at [email protected].


Some of Cayman’s fastest bikers are expected to be out to hone their reaction times and tweak their two-wheel machines.