Leave Pirates Week alone

Mac, what in the world are you thinking?

Leave Pirates Week alone! To say something as ludicrous as Pirates Week could be associated with the Somali pirates has got to be the most ridiculous statement you have made yet after being elected, and I am one of your supporters.

The people of Cayman elected you and your party to run the country. Things like education, health, infrastructure and the economy come to mind, not renaming a festival that many tourists love and come to Cayman for.

Speaking of the economy, have you or any of the other rocket scientists that decided on this move, considered that we are financially in trouble and yet you want to spend who knows how much trying to change all the marketing and promotions just to satisfy your own decision to change Pirates Weeks’ name.

I must admit that the Somali statement pretty much falls in with the nonsense that came from Pastor Thompson and William Peguero.

For Pastor Thompson to say that he has never gone to a Pirate’s landing because he doesn’t want to be associated with what pirates stood for is fairly childish.

I guess he never goes to visit people in Hell because I’m pretty sure that stands for things that are a lot worse than pirates.

Now Pastor Peguero, come on, the only silent so called majority is within your little world not within the Cayman Islands.

The last time I checked around Cayman people are more than just a little ticked off with this idea of changing the name; I looked in the dictionary at the word majority, it said that it meant the greater number of a part, not just a small group that want things done their way.

Also, to even think that Pirates Week can in any way confuse children as to what is right or wrong, or to compare it to violence on television is pretty close to beating Mac’s Somali statement.

Gentlemen give your heads a shake. This is a Caribbean Festival that people from other countries want to come to because they are bored of their everyday life back home. It’s no different than going to Disney World or Universal Studios.

What’s next on your hit list because you don’t like it, Batabano, Cayfest, what? I believe we have a time to glorify Cayman’s rich heritage and culture, Heritage Days. How about the government giving a little more help there to promote it for tourism instead of trying to destroy something that is working?

Mac do what the people voted you to do, run our country not put into place your own whims. I think that you should have learned from the time when Cayman Airways had stated that they wanted to remove Sir Turtle and the outcry that the people put forward.

Don’t mess with something if it isn’t broken. I am asking everyone, local or tourist to phone, email, fax or write the government and tell them how you feel about this.

There are now and have been in the past many people that have worked probably harder than most politicians and pastors to try and make Pirates Week something that Cayman can be proud of and I am only one of many when I say they have done a top notch job.

You have the opportunity to do something that very few politicians around the world seem to be able to do, show everyone that common sense is still common. Please leave Pirates Week alone.

David J. Bailey