Outlaw phone use while driving

It is about time that the use of mobile phones whilst driving on this Island was criminalised.

Studies carried out in England before the law was changed there showed that using a mobile phone to talk, or yet worse, text, whilst driving had the effect on the driver such that that person was impaired to the extent of being twice the legal drink drive limit.

In my experience on Island the driving is severely affected by the fact that most people seem to have their phones clamped to their ears. I have been cut up on the straight and on roundabouts, lack of signally etc and have experienced other poor driving, which has been contributed to, in my view, by the use of mobile phones. This is not to mention the fact that often drivers have failed to negotiate me as a cyclist at a safe speed and berth because of phone use.

In the course of my professional career in the UK I have seen the tragic consequences of phoning and texting by drivers who have killed people on the roads. If you are on the phone or texting your attention is not where it should be – on the road.

Nicola Moore