Favre and Vick highlight preseason buzz

In most circles preseason NFL football carries little weight.

On the other hand there is the chance of big news like an injury to a key player or the introduction of new players on contending teams.

The last seven days has been an astounding one for football fans as Brett Favre made his debut for the Minnesota Vikings after Ben Roethlisberger went down for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Favre took a couple snaps in the first quarter of the Vikings preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs. He looked ok though the numbers show just 1-4 for four yards.

Meanwhile Roethlisberger took a nasty fall during training camp with the Steelers. His 345 pound left tackle stepped on him and trainers immediately checked the back of his foot. That move seems to be an indication an injury could have occurred to his Achilles tendon or heel.

Most people by now are aware of the circus around Favre. Basically he has gone through three teams and two retirement stints in the last 24 months.

Yet Favre’s arrival in Minnesota begs the question as to how far the Vikings can go.

Remember the Vikings were a pretty solid team heading into this season. They won the NFC North division last year at 10-6 behind a stout run game and an equally good run defense.

There is no doubt Favre can still play as witnessed by the 9-7 record he compiled with the Jets.

However his durability is an issue. He has lingering injury concerns to his arm and fatigue could cause him to disappear in the second half of the season like he did last year.

Yet Favre can create wins for Minnesota. He doesn’t make the Vikings a 12 win force just yet but certainly another 10 wins (and maybe the division crown) is in the cards.

In regards to Big Ben it’s still early days to say what impact his injury will have. What can be said though is that the Steelers are a gritty team that relies on defense first, running second and passing third.

Granted Big Ben paced the offense well for Pittsburgh’s Super Bowl run. However anything Big Ben can give (in terms of 100 yard passing games and the like) on offense is a bonus. The Steelers simply need a good manager at the helm not a thrower with above-average ability.

Of course any discussion on the drama around the NFL preseason would be incomplete without Michael Vick.

The former Atlanta Falcon signed on with the Philadelphia Eagles this month and has been involved with team practices.

He is slated to take some snaps in the Eagles pre-season match tomorrow night against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Though he might not be available until roughly halfway through the season Vick gives the Eagles a big name on offense and another worry for opposing defenses.