Today’s Editorial August 27: Pay up!

As most everyone should know by now, the Cayman Islands Government is in a critical financial crisis.

Now that the UK has denied Cayman’s request to borrow more money to meet its operational costs, the very real possibility of civil servants not getting paid exists.

If the government wants to maintain its position of not cutting the pay or the jobs of civil servants, then it must find sustainable avenues of revenue.

The United Democratic Party has said it does not support the imposition of any direct taxation, including income tax. It has also said it does not support an increase in existing fees or the establishment of new fees.

Something, however, has to give.

Without the ability to borrow any more, Cayman will have to either cut costs or raise revenues immediately if it intends to continue to function properly.

Tim Ridley, an outspoken private sector advocate, believes it’s time for some in the community to pay for the government services they demand.

He noted that too many people in the community are getting a free lunch, so to speak, at the moment.

Although Mr. Ridley did not specify who in the community he was talking about, we believe a lot of the deficit problems could be solved if people simply paid the bills they owed to government.

For too long, some people have taken the attitude that government owes them certain things free charge, like health care, health insurance, garbage disposal and more.

It not only puts an undue burden on government when people won’t pay what they owe, but it’s unfair to those responsible citizens who do pay their bills.