Hydes stars at Breakers with new record

Many men can brag about the speed of their rides. Few have a record time to back up the talk.

As last weekend’s drag meet at Breakers Speedway proved local racer Ross Hydes is the latest person who can walk the walk and talk the talk.

Hydes ran his Honda CBR 1000 in the track’s first drag meet in months. His red bike would set a new record for the track’s motorcycle division with a time of 6.249s.

The 25 year-old West Bayer did not have an easy time of it though. He would face stiff competition from nearly 10 bikers who came out to run heavily modified bikes from names like Kawasaki and Suzuki.

As Hydes explained his record run was a surprise.

‘When I made that run I didn’t think it was all that smooth and I didn’t think it was my best. But I knew I could set the record.

‘In fact me, Jamie (McLaughlin) and the other (Street Sweepers bike crew) guys came out with the intent to do well. It was pretty good all in all.’

Hydes went on to say his focus now is on lowering his time further.

‘I got a little buzz still from that record but I really want the overall track record which is a couple 100th of a second below my time.

‘There’s still a lot I can do to my bike to go faster. Nothing major, just little things like adding a race exhaust or dropping the bike even lower.’

Bikers like Hydes were not the only ones racing down the track as drivers competed in all kinds of cars via grudge matches.

Among them was Michael Webster who came out behind the wheel of his Toyota Supra.

Webster said the Breakers meet went well.

‘My car ran great and it felt better than expected. I give props to Bad Oil (local tuner Michael Williams) for fixing my car up to run. The car has been running so well since he touched it.

‘I hope the track gets more prep next time but I thank Mr. Campbell for opening the track again to help us guys get our speeding out and off the road. From here I’m looking forward to competing at Time Attack this weekend for the first time.’

The second dexterity race of the month takes place tomorrow night from 6pm at the Progressive loop on Sparky Drive.