Fire blazes at the dump

Orange flames and billowing smoke from a George Town Landfill fire could be seen for miles around Grand Cayman Sunday night.

Firefighters were on scene pumping water onto one of the larger residential trash mounds at the landfill. Public works crews were also using a backhoe to dig into the burning mound, trying to reach the seat of the flames.

Sundays landfill blaze

Firefighters and public works crews attempt to contain Sundays landfill blaze. Photos: Brent Fuller

The mound was expected to continue burning well into the night and probably into early Monday, according to firefighters.

There have been several fires of a similar magnitude within the past two years at the landfill site, indeed upon the same mound of residential trash.

No one had been hurt in the blaze as of Sunday night.

Dozens of residents stopped along the Esterley-Tibbetts Highway Sunday night to take pictures. Others watched from the roof of Treasure Island resort where the fire could be clearly seen.

The flames were on the westward-facing side of the trash mound with smoke blowing back toward George Town harbour.

It was unknown what started the fire, but previously landfill fires similar to Sunday’s have been started by anything from spontaneous combustion to discarded cigarettes.