Get articulate at Camana Bay

The Dart group will be sponsoring the Articulate summer art camps in Town Centre.

Operated by Articulate, which is owned and managed by former Director of The National Gallery Nancy Barnard, the art camp weeks are designed to immerse children in the exciting and creative world of visual art, craft and design.

Each day’s activities are carefully planned around a particular theme, such as ‘Conceptual Art Day’ and then the young artists are encouraged to explore the theme though a variety of mediums such as storytelling, art activities and games.

There is also lots of playtime for kids in the natural environment – playing in the Town Centre’s interactive fountain, climbing the rocks or simply enjoying the beautifully landscaped courtyards and always cooling breezes.

“Articulate is a wonderful addition to Camana Bay. Not only has it been fantastic to see the kids running through the fountain, laughing, and creating art, but it’s been beneficial for parents in that they have been able to stop by to see their children and spend some time enjoying the many amenities offered here. It very much fits in with the living, working and playing that Camana Bay is all about,” said Jackie Doak, Chief Operation Officer of Dart Enterprises.

‘I couldn’t have found a better location for the Articulate Summer Camp,’ said Mrs. Barnard, who is managing director of Articulate.

‘Dart generously donated the use of a tremendous space to us which really allowed the children to express themselves freely. We had room to move, to create and to allow natural expressions to blossom; and when we went outside to play we were constantly inspired by the architecture, the landscaping and the fountains,’ she said.

‘In fact, on a couple of occasions we made Camana Bay the focus of our creativity – we did a digital photography day and many of the children took amazing shots of the intricate cut work in the street lamps and the railings as well as of The Paseo and its flowers and the fountains. This has been my first Articulate camp experience and it has been fabulous. I am looking forward to offering future lessons and camps already.’

Mrs. Barnard was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica in 1970 and has lived in the Cayman Islands for thirty-nine years. She is a wife and mother, as well as an artist, an arts organisation fundraiser, a qualified art and antiques appraiser and an art teacher.

Articulate also provides expert advice and project management on all aspects of buying, selling, donating, insuring, exhibiting and collecting art.

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