Incident has pleasant ending

I have been reading about the increased property crime on Grand Cayman.

My personal story recently paints a more positive story about Caymanian people and Cayman Island visitors.

I mistakenly left my swim fins at Cemetery Beach. I did not realise my mistake until the next day upon returning and discovered my missing fins. Of course, the swim fins were no longer there.

On the drive back to our condo, many hours later after swimming, I spotted a Cayman Islands Recreation and Parks truck with crew a few miles down the road. I stopped to ask if they had spotted my lost swim fins. They had picked up my lost swim fins that morning while cleaning the beach and they were in the back of the truck. The crew was going to turn them in to lost and found.

Not too many places in the world would that happen…a valuable item, left on the beach overnight and picked up by the Recreation and Parks crew with the intent to turn them in to lost and found.

Thank you to the dedicated Recreation and Parks crew of Cayman Islands. You reflect well on your beautiful island.

Steve Korn