War on Weight kicks off

The war is on. The war on weight, that is. Sixteen contestants are vying for the top prize in the Cayman Heart Fund’s war on weight, the WOW competition.

The contestants are undertaking a new and healthy lifestyle over a 16 week period in order to lose weight.

A donation of CI$3,800.00 from Sagicor General will go towards paying for the various medical tests that the contestants need in order to participate, as well as for ongoing medical checks throughout the 16 weeks.

Mr. Ravi Kapoor, Marketing Manager for Sagicor General says that health issues are an important focus at his firm.

‘We are delighted to be able to assist the War on Weight contest with this donation and hope that this initiative will motivate others in the Cayman Islands to adopt a healthier lifestyle,’ he said.

Ms. Andrea Knox, who is part of the WOW committee, a sub committee of the Cayman Heart Fund, says that the Sagicor donation will make a huge difference to the initiative.

‘We are extremely fortunate to have a team of professionals donating their time and energies assisting us with the WOW programme, including nutritionist Chad Collins, physicians Dr John Addleson and Dr Marli Ellis, trainer Ernest Ebanks of Body Sculptor and Cayman Health laboratories,’ she said.

‘Even so, tests such as blood tests for cholesterol, thyroid abnormalities and blood glucose readings all cost money and this donation will help to pay for these crucial checks on the contestants.’

Contestants were all carefully checked and tested before the programme began to ensure that they were physically fit and able to undertake the physically demanding initiative, which will include gym work outs and boot camps with Mr. Ebanks, thus promoting a healthy lifestyle. Henceforth they will be checked fortnightly throughout the sixteen week period.