Hulse cuts through Time Attack

Local racing is surging ahead and even Miss Teen can’t slow it down.

In spite of the beauty contest taking place roughly the same time, many took in the curves and form of dexterity racing at the Progressive loop.

Some 80 people went out to see the second Time Attack event for the month of August last Saturday.

The raucous crowd, which cheered with every smoking tire, enjoyed the sharp moves from the 26 competing racers.

The field of competitors would be an interesting mix of veterans and newbies to the event.

Among the entrants was relative Time Attack newcomer Junior Hydes in the Hydes and Sons Evolution III. The car looked drastically different with its new paint job and recently purchased engine parts.

Another notable participant was Michael Webster. The insurance agent, who competed at Breakers Speedway weeks ago, was behind the wheel of his Toyota Supra.

The most crowded of the five divisions on the night was the Front Wheel Drive segment. In the face of nine competitors Roje Williams eased his way to the top.

His black and blue Toyota Starlet took the Time Attack veteran to a time of 101.263s.

Jimel McLean would be a close second. Armed with his metallic gold Honda Integra Type-R, McLean used his patented shifts to post a time of 101.352s.

Both the Rear Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive sections would be just four competitors deep.

Yet drivers would knock out a host of fast times. Chad Phillips would be the AWD winner in a time of 103.156s while John Godfrey ran his Supra to the RWD class win in 103.224s.

The slimmest class on the night would be the Corporate division. Gary Bromfield drove the Automotive Art Volvo S40 to the win with the night’s fourth best time of 100.682s.

Olivia Polack, one of three female competitors, was way behind with a time of 118.044s.

The six man deep Unlimited division would produce the three quickest times of the night. Andy Bodden would run the fastest time in his Mitsubishi Mirage at 94.541s.

In the championship round the division’s dominance would be cemented with Bobby Hulse’s run.

Behind the wheel of his primer black Toyota Altezza, Hulse zoomed to the win in a time of 103.339s.