Today’s Editorial September 03: Clear communication needed

The recent “media circus,” as it has been described, over how and when reports from the auditor general’s office should be released has shown that there is still a need for improved public communication regarding issues that are of public interest.

First, members of the Public Accounts Committee stated that there may be a need to delay the release of AG reports to allow all sides involved to exercise their right of reply.

That statement was followed by comments from the auditor general that he intended to fight this proposal with everything he had.

Public Accounts Committee Chairman Ezzard Miller then appeared with a plan for releasing AG reports that looked nothing like what committee members had first talked about. He said this plan had been approved by all committee members.

Auditor General Dan Duguay, to date, has still never seen this plan.

Then Governor Stuart Jack weighs in with his two cents, informing those involved that he must sign off on all changes to Legislative Assembly Standing Orders.

We still don’t know how all this will play out, and on its face, Mr. Miller’s publicly released proposal regarding auditor general’s reports does not seem unreasonable.

But what is unreasonable is three sides involved in this debate have apparently not fully discussed or vetted their plans with each other. The auditor needs the accounts committee to do its job properly, the committee needs the auditor to have any work to do and the governor needs to be convinced that all is happening properly and above board.

Maybe these three groups can set aside their personal differences and act together in the interest of the public.