Skincare for every age

 Despite what you may think when you’re young and having fun in your 20s, anti-aging skincare is good for any adult.
   Think of skin as a sponge – as you age, the sponge loses water and dries up, thus showing more of its texture and pores – exactly what happens to your skin. Because of this, anti-aging skincare will emphasise hydration above all else, and despite the fact that Cayman has a very humid climate, it is still important to hydrate skin from both the inside out and the outside in.
   The earlier you start applying the miracle creams, the better your skin will look as it ages. For people in their 20s, skincare experts recommend a variety of products that will focus on concerns common among younger adults.
   “You should have an eye cream for when you are younger,” says Hefina Rees, lead aesthetician at the Silver Rain Spa in the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, “something lighter, like an eye gel, that helps to de-puff after those late nights. Living here especially it is good to have one with an SPF in it. In the beginning you will want something that helps with puffiness and getting rid of dark circles.”
   Clarins has recently introduced a HydraQuench line that is ideal for young adults, says Tracy Purdon, a Clarins beauty advisor who can be found at the Clarins desk in La Perfumerie II.
   “The HydraQuench line comes with climate control, so it is ideal for Cayman,” says Purdon. Climate control means that the product works well in hot climates, hydrating without feeling heavy on the skin.
   Tricia Nelson-Hurtt, clinical aesthetician at Beyond Basics, also points out the importance of SPF in skincare of any age.
   “Sun damage can occur at any age, so use a lotion with an SPF in it. Image Skincare has an oil-free SPF 30 solar defense gel that is tinted, to give a glow to the skin, while protecting it from the sun. It’s also organic,” she says.
   La prairie has come out with a relatively new line specifically for women in their 20s, says Rees.
   “La prairie’s clientele has grown – now women’s daughters and granddaughters are using the products and they wanted to make something specifically for them,” Rees explains. “The advanced marine biology line contains seaweed and has a moisturiser with SPF20, a tonic that is like a serum which brightens and energises the skin and a night solution which is a very nice scrub gel to even out the skin.”
   For women in their 30s, the key to remember, says Purdon, is exfoliation.
   “After the age of 35, exfoliate around twice a week to assist the skin its renewal process, which will have slowed down,” Purdon explains. She added that there are two aging processes for the body: accelerated aging due to external factors such as sun damage, smoking, a bad diet or alcohol. Then there is natural aging which is unavoidable and varies from person to person, also impacted by genetics.
   Obviously improving lifestyle habits can help slow the accelerated aging process, but a good skincare regimen can help skin’s natural aging.
   Clarins has a line called First Signs of Aging which is designed for women in their 30s.
   The line focuses on line prevention, and includes products such as the Early Wrinkle Correcting Lotion with an SPF 15 and Multi-Active Serum.
   Meanwhile, la prairie has expanded its anti-aging collection, says Rees. That line includes a day cream with SPF 30, an anti-aging emulsion which also has an SPF of 30 and a night cream. A stress cream with anti-wrinkle complex is also included in the line now.
   Other recommended products for this age group include la prairie’s radiance serum, which contains 24-karat gold suspended in the liquid. The radiance cream is also recommended, containing quartz crystals which reflect on the skin.
   “The extra-firming line is for women aged 40 and older,” says Purdon of Clarins’ tightening and toning line of skincare.
   The line includes a botanical serum that claims to be a natural alternative to injections, lasers and lifts.
   The line also includes masques recommended to increase hydration in the skin.
   “Use a hydrating masque two to three times a week for optimum results,” says Purdon. “For deep cleansing masques, use just once a week.”
   She also includes eye creams in her recommendations.
   “Eye creams are good for every age – try a gel in the morning for combating puffiness and a cream at night.”
   Nelson-Hurtt states that Image’s ageless line deals with “aging concerns, combating both aging and acne”, which can trouble women beyond their 20s, when many assume acne ceases. Acne can also become a problem during menopause when the skin’s type changes on a regular basis due to the fluctuating hormones, so the ageless line can be effective throughout women’s 40s and older.
   50s and above
   Clarins have come out with a line specifically targeting older women’s skin, named the super-restorative line.
   “This line helps repair the elasticity that is lost during menopause and helps replenish the skin,” says Purdon.
   For women going through midlife hormonal changes, the radiance line from la prairie is the best to use, says retail specialist at Silver Rain Spa, Daniela Man.
   “It balances the skin, because your skin is being affected by hormones – going from oily to dry then experiencing breakouts, so the radiance line is the best during that time,” she says.
   After menopause, the best line to use is the caviar line from la prairie, which is the “ultimate in firming,” says Rees.
   Man adds: “the caviar line has products like the caviar facelift and the eyelift, it has a large number of firming properties.”