Casino would help CI economy

I know this will be a crazy idea, but I think it will be good for the long term plan.

Build a casino.

I know it will raise anger from the church community, but I am a Christian as well. This is my opinion on building a casino.

A casino will not make people suffer. Instead, if manage properly, it will bring so much money for this country; of course with a lot of restrictions or laws that manage the operation of the casino. For example, people who allow playing in the casino are only tourists. Do not allow people who live in Cayman to play with whatever the reason is. This rule will make sure a lot of money comes in to the country and there will be no money going out. Implement a very strict rule on this one.

Building a casino will create employment. Give the jobs to the Caymanians, so the money will not flowing out from the country.

To prevent the increasing number of criminal rates, only accept people who have cash money to play, with a minimum amount of money that they have to show in front before entering the casino.

This rule will prevent people from borrowing money to play in a casino. Again, the players are only tourists, so we don’t have to be worry.

This casino idea is working in Malaysia; why can’t Cayman do it?

Implementing taxes on various sectors will make life in Cayman more expensive than it already is. I do agree with implementing tax on money transferred outside of Cayman, as long as it is still reasonable. Increasing customs and import duties will make life in Cayman more difficult, because almost all goods in Cayman are imported from other countries.

I just wish that the Government will be very careful on implementing the taxes. Do not make the taxes destroy the attraction of the Cayman Islands. I am hoping all the best for the Cayman Islands. May God bless us all.

Indra Aryateja