Anglers nab massive billfish

In life there is a constant struggle between quality and quantity.

On the Cayman fishing scene enthusiasts often debate whether it’s better to have a great amount of catches versus nabbing a couple really big fish.

The recent Billfish tournament in Cayman may have been short on catches but the quality of fish was undeniable.

Proof of that can be seen in the size of some of the fishes reeled in during the competition last month.

Third place finisher Strike Force, featuring angler Chris Wight, hauled in a massive 400lb Blue Marlin. Considering most of the marlin around Cayman’s waters are half that size that catch was a truly remarkable feat.

In addition second place finisher Yorkshire Rose, with the help of angler Reece Hester, caught and released a 150lb Blue Marlin.

Cayman Islands Angling Club President Franklin Thompson was onboard the Yorkshire Rose boat.

Thompson had an active role with the crew. As he states there was no shortage of activity.

‘Though I signed up as an angler I performed the duties of a mate. In particular I grabbed the fish we caught, took the hooks out and released it back into the water.

‘We did pretty well. We had a release on our first day and three good strikes on the second day. Those fish were probably all 100-200lbs but unfortunately we didn’t get them.’

All in all he felt the tournament saw some great fishing action.

‘From my perspective everyone had some good fishing days. Even though there were only four releases for the tournament there were numerous other marlin strikes. I really thought things went well.

‘Strike Force had an exceptionally nice fish for this time of year. It was also impressive that they fought with the fish for an hour and a half with an 80lb test reel.’