Cayman should live within means

Government is short of funds and needs to get its own house in order before considering further taxation of the public at large.

As in any business, consideration should be given to selling off assets that are not making money. In Government’s case, Cayman Airways, Boatswain Bay turtle farm and Pedro St James should be considered as a priority.

The leakage of funds at the George Town Hospital should be addressed immediately with payment for services being made up front if necessary. The Government has invested in top of the line vehicles in all departments, which should halt, and in future purchase basic vehicles only.

The use of government-owned vehicles at the weekends by Government workers should cease and a review of gas allowances is imperative as it is, I believe, being abused on a massive scale.

Other tax havens seem to be surviving without considering direct taxation, which can only destroy the financial industry we know. It is high time that Cayman started to live within its means.

Mervyn Cumber