Today’s Editorial September 09: It’s not all bad

There is a tendency these days in the Cayman Islands to look at things with a doom and gloom attitude.

Crime is up, tourism is down, the financial industry is facing a host of challenges, the government is broke and the international media is having a field day at Cayman’s expense.

Despite all of this, things really aren’t all that bad in Cayman, especially when you consider how bad things are in other places. If the US and UK weren’t putting themselves in more debt percentage-wise than this country ever contemplated, those governments would be having even more trouble paying their bills than Cayman.

But beyond all of that, the economic downturn has actually created some opportunities for residents.

For instance, if anyone has been contemplating buying a house, now’s the time to do it. Prices have fallen by some 27 per cent and banks are lending at great terms and rates.

Retailers are having some good sales in attempt to create revenue, and there are great prices on everything from televisions to cars.

Restaurants are having all sorts of specials to try to attract the local market and if residents don’t mind planning their nights out around the promotions, they can have an evening out at bargain prices.

And then there’s this too often forgotten fact: we’re living on a beautiful island with a wonderful climate, clean air and a clear blue sea surrounding us. A good portion of people in the rest of the world would love to trade places with any one of us, no matter what our station in life.

Yes, we have rising crime, but relative to many places, our crime is negligible.

Yes, Cayman has other troubles, too, but relative to most places, things are not all that bad here. In fact, they’re rather good.