George Town hospital computers frazzled

Doctors at the Cayman Islands Hospital lost access to patient medical records in recent days because the hospital’s computer servers went down.

The Health Services Authority’s computer systems have not been working properly since Thursday last week.

Dr. Greg Hoeksema, medical director of the Hospital Services Authority, said:’Everyone’s having to do a work-around. All the electronic medical records are computer-based, so it’s been quite challenging for us.’

He added: ‘We have processes in place that we use during hurricanes, but those are usually for situations that last about two days.’

The system went down on Thursday last week.

‘It was up and down for a couple of days and then it went down hard,’ he said on Tuesday. ‘Unfortunately, we’re having to rebuild the servers from the ground up.’

Despite the lack of electronic records and difficulty accessing patient data, Mr. Hoeksema said critical care at the hospital was continuing.

Mr. Hoeksema said the hospital regularly backs up its records, so he hoped very little medical data would be lost.

He said hospital staff has to do some creative problem solving.

An alert on the HSA website advises visitors that inbound and outbound emails using the prefix have been affected and the authority is supplying a gmail account to contact it on – [email protected].