Leave North Sound alone

There is no need to ‘get some science behind’ why the North Sound would be destroyed by dredging it.

Scientific studies take time and given the current financial crunch our government is in, it is doubtful that a proper study would be allowed to be carried out because, let’s face it: time is money.

All you really have to do is put on a mask and swim around in the shallows off of where the cruise ships dock now to see the negative effects of these ‘larger pleasure crafts.’ There is a gross amount of algae on the seafloor where healthy coral used to be. In case you didn’t know, algae, especially in excess, is indicative of an unhealthy aquatic environment.

In my opinion, construction of a large port for cruise ships to dock is inevitable and as badly damaged as the harbour area is, you may as well go ahead and build it there. Leave the North Sound alone before it suffers the same fate.

Kadie Frazier