Vivendi Cabaret returns with fresh faces

Everyone enjoys a good meal and show, but Vivendi Cabaret is determined to take its theatrics that one step further.

Launching two new shows, the venue now has a pirate-themed circus show each Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and a Latin dance show on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

‘I think it is good to change the show each six months,’ said Vivendi Cabaret General Manager and partner, Stephane Giacometti.

‘People like the circus, so we decided to do one show for the circus and a lot of children can come,’ Mr. Giacometti explained. ‘We made the theme as pirates because we are an island with pirates, Pirates Week is coming up, and we wanted to do a Cayman show.’

Refreshing the shows every six months will allow for residents to continually return to the venue to see what else the cabaret has in store, while visitors returning to the island on a regular basis will always have a new show to attend.

At present, due to the slow tourism season, Mr. Giacometti estimates that 80 per cent of Vivendi’s custom is from residents, while 20 per cent is tourists. Although this will most likely change during high tourism season, it has given Vivendi reason to include a discounted rate for residents wanting to see the shows.

Visitors will pay $34 entrance to the shows while residents will pay just $29. The pricing also reflects another change – food and drinks is now billed separately from the show’s ticket prices, so if people want to come to drink or just have tapas, they can choose to do that rather than eat a full meal, or they can order a meal a la carte from the menu.

‘We have a new chef, Wanda from the Westin, and we have a second chef from The Wharf, so they have designed a new menu,’ said Mr. Giacometti. ‘We now have an a la carte menu, a tapas menu and some [fixed price three-course] meals.’

The menu now includes an array of seafood and meat items such as a shrimp and tilapia seafood concoction and truffle-infused fries. Desserts also impress, such as the delectable chocolate terrine and light and fruity Napoleon pastry with apples and vanilla ice cream. Of course, with many Cuban members on staff and in the performance troupe, you can always rely on a great mojito from the bar as well.

Also, each night after the show the dance floor is opened up to guests attending the shows who want to dance the night away, or for people coming in from the street who want a location for Latin dancing free of charge.

Using an entertainment company in Cuba with a cast of 48 performers, the venue will also switch the cast every six months to bring new performers to the island.

Cuba is known for its quality of training for dancers and performers, and nowhere is that more evident than at Vivendi Cabaret.

The circus show features some feats which will take audience’s breath away. Without giving away the show’s surprises, audience members can expect a true circus experience, complete with tightropes, juggling, balancing acts, feats of strength and flexibility, gymnastics, dance, dangerous flips and much more.

Call 943-7469 for reservations and more information.