Florida Gators still have bite

This month is an exciting one for gridiron lovers.

Not only is the pro game coming back onboard but the college teams are also in action.

With the first set of games already in the books attention turns to contenders for the national title.

As many know the college system is quirky in that only certain schools (part of it based on record with school reputation mixed in) get a shot at the championship.

That means, for all intensive purposes, the likes of BYU and Boise State won’t play starring roles come Christmas (even though they look capable of going unbeaten).

However big time programs like USC, Texas and Florida have more than a fighting chance to nab the ultimate glory.

In fact that trio have a lot of things going for them this season.

There is no doubt the Trojans have a young prodigy in Matt Barkley. In spite of playing at the Buckeyes the young man looked cool under pressure and had a game-wining drive late in the fourth.

Texas meanwhile boasts Heisman Trophy hopeful Colt McCoy under centre and he has thrown for over 300 yards in each of his games this year.

Yet the team that still looks most impressive is the Florida Gators.

Tim Tebow may be on his way to the NFL but he has shown up on the field.

His most impressive performance was against Troy in which he slaughtered the defense for four touchdowns.

What is most encouraging is the team has plenty of options on offense in spite of losing Percy Harvin to the NFL.

It will be tough for Florida to run the table considering they take on LSU and Georgia this year.

But the Gators have the tools on defense to pull off a repeat title for the Sunshine State.