Co-ed action tightens up

Cayman may be cooling down but co-ed softball is heating up.

Recent heavy rainfall all over Cayman has not doused the fire of the 20 teams slugging away.

Proof of that can be seen in the tight standings going into week six of the Cayman Islands Little League 2009 Fall Adult Co-ed Softball League.

Every division, except for the C league, sees teams with one game leads.

In the A league Jose’s Escape are burning up the breadfruit division at 5-1 with a league-low 46 runs allowed.

But the Cayman Coolers have been chilling in second place at 4-2 with a league-best 90 runs scored.

Moreover Home Gas has been keeping a steady flame at 4-2.

All may be well for KM Ltd with their 4-1 record atop the cassava division.

Yet the Caybrew Chuggers have chugged along to a 4-2 mark and a division-best 69 runs scored.

The tight B league sees seven out of ten teams sporting winning records.

Doghouse is no longer unbeaten but the Glovernauts (led by their army of flag football stars) boast a 3-1 mark.

PWC B is a close second at 2-1-1 with Maples Sluggers (2-2-1) and the Anchor Construction City Slickers (2-1-1) on their heels.

Interestingly enough the City Slickers are tied for the lowest runs allowed in all of co-ed softball with 30.

If captains Rupert Whittaker and Shawn Pitterson can keep the fielders sharp then the squad could be a serious threat in the coming weeks.

Over in the Banana Orchid division Julius Baer stands tall at 4-1 with the most runs scored (95) at the Field of Dreams facility in George Town.

Yet the KPMG Bounty Hunters are equally hot at 4-1 with 74 runs scored.

The Hellcats are not far off at 2-2-1 with just 30 runs allowed thus far.