Government must curb its spending

Kudos to Mr. Kinch for telling the facts on current Government spending.

It seems no one can explain why so many Government capital projects were started at the same time without proper oversight or capital. In addition, while private industry has been cutting staff and raises, our politicians do the opposite.

The first step should be that all government employees starting with the Premier Designate taking a 20 per cent cut in pay and all Government offices should work four days a week Therefore, the hourly pay is the same. All Government offices would be open Monday through Thursday except the judiciary, RCIPS and authorities.

All authorities should be given 12 months to get their expenditures within each authorities’ specific income levels with quarterly reductions in government assistance to zero after 12 months.

Cayman Air should have a reasonable annual charge to government for emergency evacuation purposes only and be maintained within a set budget. No more free rides for politicians; use teleconferencing. Cayman Air needs to look at Southwest Airlines. Cheaper rates mean full flights and increases benefits to the Caymans ten-fold.

Every Government authority and department must live within their allocated budget. If departments require assets or assistance from another department or authority then a purchase order must be signed by the department head receiving the service, which is deducted from their budget and passed to the other department. No monies change hands.

I don’t recommend layoffs that will have a negative effect on the Islands’ economy but I do think that all government spending must be reduced.

Ava A. Vincent