From Hilton to Northward Prison

Cut costs to house inmates, save money

I don’t see why the hardworking, law abiding citizens of Cayman are the first option for increasing income/reduce debt.

Most people I know work hard throughout the day, sometimes with no time to get either breakfast, lunch or dinner – adding taxes and increase duties as the first option doesn’t seem like the right way to go. Not saying it shouldn’t be an option as it does make sense.

Why not start with cutting the costs to house prisoners (in terms of their ‘luxuries’ not in terms of the prison officer’s salary by any means.) Use the inmates to help reduce cost in other areas.

I am not familiar with what the prison system requires the inmate to do throughout their sentence but from rumours, I figure they are there doing nothing and getting three square meals a day and costing a boat load of money to house.

By previous accounts $10 million a year for 200 inmates – Googled it so I could be wrong. I have never run a prison but all they really need is a small bed, change of clothes, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shoes, socks and a cheap nutritious meal three times a day.

Have them help keep Cayman clean. Suggest hours that there would be the least amount of civilians, maybe 1am to 5am, have a small group of non-violent inmates, guarded, supervised, in bright clothes, on ball and chain if you must, picking up litter, scraping up gum, washing, painting – throughout George Town, beaches, parks, everywhere and anywhere else it is needed; three times a week, seven times a week, rotated shifts, whatever. Just think Cayman should get something back for $10mil.
Reduce that by $2-3 million and that’s $2-3 million that can be allocated elsewhere.

Richard Maragh