Today’s Editorial September 28: Support the good cops

The Caymanian Compass hasn’t exactly been complimentary of the police or the Governor lately in our editorialising, so here’s a change of pace.

RCIPS Chief Inspector Angelique Howell is a great cop.

And the Governor made an outstanding decision to keep her right where she belongs; leading police efforts in the district of West Bay.

We were well aware of efforts to oust Chief Inspector Howell by, as far as we understood it, one individual in West Bay who apparently had an axe to grind with the police. We chose not to report on it because, to borrow a phrase from the governor, we saw ‘no merit in it.’

The amount of abuse heaped on the West Bay commander during a recent community meeting was almost absurd. This is the same officer who was recognised less than two years ago among her peers as one of the best cops on the force.

The criticism against Chief Inspector Howell, from our point of view, has three main areas of complaint: first; that she is a woman, second; that she polices the community without fear or favour, and third; she doesn’t particularly like to play politics.

Folks, look at the crime situation in the Cayman Islands. Do you feel as safe as you did five years ago? Ten years ago?

Who would you like to have as the person in charge of your police district? Would you prefer a hard-nosed, fair and energetic veteran cop? Or would you rather have a quasi-politician who really doesn’t want to upset anyone and lets criminals off because of who they are related to?

Let’s not make our crime situation worse by removing good cops who are absolutely committed to this community and spend many hours after 5pm and before 9am at their job for much less pay than other professionals.

Bravo, Mr. Governor, for keeping Chief Inspector Howell exactly where she is needed most.