Seafarers benefits

The Administration of seafarers’ benefits, previously undertaken by the Ministry of Health, is now the responsibility of the Ministry of Community Affairs and Housing.

According to the Ministry of Community Affairs, the benefits available to seafarers can, on their death, be claimed by his widow. For the benefits to be transferred to the widow, however, the surviving spouse must first apply for the benefits in her own name.

The release also states that once the application is approved the widow will be added to the government’s payroll.

Since this system places the onus for applying on the widow, the ministry has simplified the application form to reduce the amount of information that the spouse must submit to qualify.

Qualification criteria

To qualify seafarers’ widows must ensure that they first meet the following criteria:

?The surviving spouse must be aged 60 or older;

?The surviving spouse should not have a monthly income exceeding $2,000;

?The surviving spouse must submit certified copies of her husband’s death certificate, her own birth certificate, their marriage certificate, and the relevant pages of her passport.

Application forms

Application forms are available from the receptionist at the Government Administration Building or from the Ministry of Community Affairs and Housing.

Only seafarers or their surviving spouses are eligible to claim the benefits. Relatives are required to inform the Ministry when benefit recipients are deceased.