Cayman must destroy green iguanas

It is about time that it is realised what a threat that green iguanas are.

I totally disagree with the notion of being able to chase them away. It is not that easy or people would not be complaining. That is just a way of trying to play down this problem. These iguanas are aggressive. I have personally witnessed a large one chase the lady that tried to chase it away from her house.

Yes the iguana went behind her right into her house. This animal does not need to be protected; it needs to be dealt with swiftly to try and control it in some way but I know that with what I’ve seen I don’t think there is any way to eradicate them completely.

I have written about this problem before and as I said, I’m for conservation of animals but this can be taken too far. The police need to not concentrate on the people who are killing these green iguanas because they are a pest but concentrate on the people that are being pests by slamming on brakes for these iguanas while driving at 40mph.

This is extremely dangerous and if you have read my last letter you will see why I’m sure that lady will think twice about doing it again. I have heard of a couple of accidents attributed to this dangerous practice. Luckily there have been no serious ones yet but that is inevitable if this practice continues. The people doing this should be charged for dangerous driving.

Do not charge the people who in these tough economic times are looking for a cheap meal. I would be the first person to turn in someone for animal cruelty or for killing a Blue Iguana or Rock Iguana, but I will also be the first in line when they start issuing licenses to capture green iguanas just like they are licensing people to capture lion fish. I don’t hear anyone protesting that decision and bravo on that decision. I’m glad to see that problem was addressed right away. Picture the green iguana as lion fish on land and you will see where I’m coming from. Thank you and good day.

Jonathan Rivers