Constitution date: 6 Nov.

Cayman’s first new Constitution in 37 years will come into effect on 6 November.

Governor Stuart Jack announced the ‘appointed day’ for the governing document during his Throne Speech in Legislative Assembly Friday.

The address was Mr. Jack’s final one to the assembly. He’s due to depart the Islands next month.

‘The new Constitution will give more responsibility for the country’s affairs to the people of these Islands, through greater powers for the elected government and through several new independent institutions,’ Governor Jack told the house Friday.

The Cayman Islands will remain a British overseas territory under the new arrangement.

The governor urged lawmakers to use the next month to make necessary legal adjustments to ensure Cayman’s local laws fall into line with constitutional changes.

As part of the new Constitution, Leader of Government Business McKeeva Bush will become the territory’s first premier.

The document will give Cayman its first bill of rights. However, most sections of that bill won’t come into effect until three years after the appointed day.

A section on treatment of prisoners in the bill won’t come into effect until four years after the appointed day.

Also, changes that will add three more elected members to the Legislative Assembly won’t occur until an Electoral Boundary Commission studies the matter and decides in what district those representatives should be placed.

The new Constitution will entirely replace the 1972 governance document that Cayman now operates under.