Murder trial continues

The trial of Josue Carrillo-Perez, charged with the May 2008 murder of Martin Gareau, continues into a fourth week today.

Senior Crown Counsel Trevor Ward closed the case for the prosecution of Friday.

Witnesses last week included Robert Kennedy, a forensic specialist in impression evidence. He said he examined a photograph of a footprint recovered from the crime scene – Mr. Gareau’s home in Beach Bay.

He also examined an inked impression of Carrillo-Perez’s foot. He concluded that the same person who made the inked impression could have made the crime scene impression.

Mr. Kennedy said he later received a barefoot impression taken from the victim. He compared this with the crime scene impression and found dissimilarities; he concluded that the person who made this inked impression could not have made the crime scene impression.

The Crown’s final witness was Inspector Kim Evans, lead investigating officer in the case.

Justice Roy Anderson is hearing the matter without a jury, Defence Attorney Anthony Akiwumi advised that was his client’s choice.