Rain didn’t stop it being a smash

The first of a series of tennis clinics for small children went really well last week at the Ritz-Carlton.


Goede is a renowned coach.
Photo: Ron Shillingford

Although the rainy weather prevented the children from being coached outside, they still had a rewarding session with visiting coach John Goede.

Jeremy Superfine, president of the Cayman Islands Tennis Federation, said: ‘We were so pleased to have many youngsters enjoying their Play & Stay time with John on Sunday afternoon at the Ritz-Carlton, despite the weather’s best attempts to keep us all home.

‘The Play & Stay concept is built on the premise that children can enjoy tennis, or even simply the fundamentals of tennis, anytime or anywhere.

‘Activities focus on balance, eye hand coordination, movement and follow through. And in doing so, it’s not always necessary to have a racquet or court to practice on.

‘In fact, John Goede facilitated five sessions over the two days and there was never a traditional tennis racquet involved. At our next event, we plan to introduce the mini-courts that can be put up anywhere…as long as a ball can bounce.’

Goede is based in Suriname and is an expert coach for the International Tennis Federation, specialising in raising the levels and awareness of the coaches.

He said: ‘This Play & Stay programme is the initiative of the International Tennis Federation, to get junior and seniors into tennis at the grassroots level so that the sport can grow better.

‘This will also give existing coaches another way to attract more players in the Cayman Islands.

‘The response has been awesome. We’ve got coaches from other places coming to the club and lots of parents and kids. We were rained out twice but came inside at the Ritz and had an awesome time.

‘We had over 20 kids with parents and I think the explosion is huge and will have maximum success for the tennis federation.

‘From what I’ve seen in my couple of days here, Cayman is ready for a public tennis facility and if that happens then tennis will boom.’

  • Further information will be distributed in the upcoming weeks and the next Play & Stay event is on Sunday, 1 November at Camana Bay at 4pm.