North Sound should be protected

Recently I watched on PBS a special on the US National Parks.

After viewing the great Grand Canyon, then President Roosevelt stated (basically), ‘What God has perfectly created over the ages, man cannot improve.’ Man can only mar it. I could not help but compare this to our North Sound, the heart of Cayman.

The special pointed out that national parks are places where everyone is welcome. It is a place where all folks – rich or poor alike – can enjoy nature’s perfection side by side. Noted was the fact that ‘mankind cannot help but try to change one’s environment to ‘progress’.’ The National Parks are protected from man’s nature. The country is not built for a day – it is to last for ages.

I strongly feel we must protect the North Sound so our ‘natural wonder’ may rejoice in our preservation. It is Cayman’s transcended experience. Our heritage should be respected and appreciated. Let us leave it as it is – perfect. Let us develop Cayman’s future with wisdom and God’s grace.

I look to our politicians to set aside the North Sound to be preserved, as our national park of long term untouched value: spiritual, environmental, historical value.

Debbie van der Bol