Sean sets another wave of excitement

Fans of flowriding got a special treat last week when top pro Sean Silveira visited to demonstrate his fantastic skills and give lessons at $20 a pop.

The artificial wave in Grand Harbour is a popular spot for families and kids especially. It’s right beside the Black Pearl skatepark and haven for fun loving kids who enjoy the thrills of flowriding and skateboarding.

Flowriding is essentially surfing without all the hassle of swimming out to sea and waiting for a suitable wave to come. The machine takes all the hard work out for you and can be set at various levels depending on ability.

He was brought over by Douglas ‘JR’ Cameron who promotes the sports at Black Pearl and has an interest in seeing the Dog House restaurant do well.

Ali Amos works at the Black Pearl shop and like JR is a keen boarder and surfer too, as well as excelling as a quarterback in flag football. ‘Sean’s skills are awesome,’ she said. ‘He really inspires the kids. Me too!’

Silveira, 20, is a two-time national champion in flow boarding even though he has only been riding for three years. He lives in Orlando and spends much of the year travelling around the United States on the professional flowboard circuit.

When not touring, Silveira works as a flowboard instructor in the store where he discovered his passion. He got into flowboarding accidentally; when walking through his local mall he noticed a store was about to open with a flow rider installed.

The first day it opened he went along to try it out and loved it so much went as often as possible. Being so good and enthusiastic he was offered a job there.

‘I love every minute of flowboarding,’ Silveira said. ‘It’s fun and I meet lots of generous people like JR and I thank him lots for letting me come out here. I know it’s expensive.

‘A lot of people here, their mouths drop when they see the flow rider. When people know how to ride it they love to watch. It’s enjoyable and at the same time they put it at the back of their minds that they might want to try it too. That’s the whole point of it.’

JR said: ‘We’ve had a great response to Sean coming down here. This is the second time he’s been. We had a bunch of kids turn up the first day just to greet him.

‘They were really excited to see him. He’s a huge mentor to some of them. Likewise with the adults. Monday night was the first night and I had a bunch of guys come out and packed the restaurant just to see him surf on the wave machine. It’s been great for business and great for the spirit of these kids too. The young kids and the old kids!

‘He’s come a long way in a short time because he’s put in six hours of practice a day. He’s put in a lot of practice and lot of heart and that’s what’s got him where his today.’