Time to save Cayman’s youths

As a Caymanian and having particular interest in the district of George Town, I am writing to make a public appeal to grass roots ‘Towners’ to take a more active role in mentoring and caring for the youth of George Town.

It has been my observation that the students up to the end of Year 6, before moving on to the Middle School, are actively involved in many different sports such as football, cricket, netball, basketball and also excel academically. However, a breakdown seems to occur along the way and unfortunately we are now seeing the result of our students who seem to simply get lost in the system.

I am appealing to the outstanding members of our society with their roots in George Town, such as Alfonso Wright, Renard Moxam, Mackie Powell, Lucille Seymour, Biggie Rankin and Steve McField and also prominent footballers, like Lee and Anthony Ramoon to unite and form a mentoring group to single out some of our at-risk young people and take a personal interest in their development.

You might be amazed at the results something like this would yield. We need help at all levels and you might be amazed at the difference one person can make!

I trust that this will be taken in the positive light in which it is intended and that we will soon see some action.

LEM Ebanks