Wellness Centre Celebrates five years

September marked the fifth anniversary of the Wellness Centre in the Cayman Islands.

The Wellness Centre is the first private comprehensive clinical counselling and therapy provider owned and operated by Caymanians.

According to a press release issued by the organisation, its vision is to promote a collaborative approach to personal and community health through individual, family, group and corporate services to motivate individuals and the community to take action in their own health and to improve the health and wellness of each person.

The centre consists of registered, licensed and certified clinical therapists providing confidential services and counselling expertise.

In 2004, the damage to the Wellness Centre was extensive, due to Hurricane Ivan and the treatment facility was closed for reconstruction. Company representatives from the centre however, say they have not only survived but has actually managed to thrive on its ability to serve the community within and beyond the confines of a counselling office.

Doctors at the Wellness Centre also worked to provide on-site counselling to various corporations, as well as community support and outreach for families and young children.

This foundation of community responsiveness has continued to help guide the organisation, say its representatives, who added that, ‘To walk through the doors of the Centre is to feel and instant sigh of relief, as you feel its welcoming spirit.’

Staffs at the Wellness Centre say though the service it looked at as a luxury during the stress of tougher economic times, it is the unarguable quality of service that is reflected in the results of the work they do.

Services provided by the Wellness Centre range from individual and family counselling for adults, adolescents and children, to therapeutic groups and personal and professional wellness workshops.

Areas of expertise amongst full time staff include: mental health and family counselling; autism; ADHD and other childhood developmental and behavioural disorders; substance abuse; mood disorders; family violence; sexual violence; trauma and grief; the mind body and spirit connection; work/life balance; holistic counselling; alternative therapies such as hypnotherapy and EMDR; preventative wellness programmes and corporate trainings.

Staff at the Wellness Centre includes Clinical Psychologist Shannon Seymour and Clinical Social Worker Rayle Roberts, both of whom are founding members.

Taylor Burrowes serves as a Licensed Mental Health Counsellor and Family Therapist.

The newest members of the Wellness Centre team are Corporate Administrator Christine Keeble and Paediatric Occupational Therapist Rhelma Codilla.

Shannon Seymour remarked, ‘We are very excited to continue growing our team as we have opened a new facility nes door that includes a consultation room , group therapy room and a children’s play room.’

The Wellness Centre aims to tailor services to the unique needs of each individual, family, group or corporation, providing confidential services in a safe environment.

For further information call 949-9355 (well).