More tire-burning fun

For the last 15 plus years the Cayman Motorsports Association has been about circuit racing.

It had to shift gears a bit with the loss of the revered Lakeview Raceway track in George Town but has kept to the spirit of its past in the Time Attack series that it holds once a month.

In fact the association did not stray far from its roots with most of the Time Attack races in the early stages being primarily on the property of the late Jay Bodden (a long-time supporter of Cayman motorsports) behind Progressive Distributors.

However the time has come for the association to embrace its name wholly and be about more than turning corners.

Come this Saturday the association will put on its first ever drag race at Breakers Raceway. This will be the first of a monthly drag race series titled the ‘Full Throttle Drag Race Series.’

Right off the bat, when the association began discussing putting on a drag event, it was decided that a few of the veterans of the drag race scene needed to be brought in.

To this end, Ian Tibbetts, Sammy Jackson, Ricky Bodden, Keith Tibbetts and Tom Kirkconnell were recruited to create the CMA Drag Race Committee. The process to start a true series was a long one and discussions started back in April.

A top-to-bottom look was done that went over how past events were done, how events are done elsewhere and how the motorsports community would like our drag racing events to run.

Overall it was decided that two key points needed to be promoted above everything else in safety and organization.

After many long meetings and much research, the association decided it was time to move ahead and put things in place to have a once a month drag race series.

One of the biggest hurdles the committee had to face was setting up classes for the various and varied cars of all shapes and sizes.

After much thought and debate, six classes were devised. Going into this weekend’s race there will be three classes each for cars/trucks and motorcycles respectively.

As soon as a few races go by and the association is better able to assess how to further promote fairness and competition, the rules and those classes may have to be adjusted.

In preparation for the upcoming races, the association also purchased a tow-behind sprayer to put adhesion promoter down on the track in short order.

This is being done to help give the track better grip and as result lend better traction to competing vehicles.

Troops were also rallied to bind stacks of tires together to place along the sides of the track, in order to provide an additional barrier between the cars and the spectators.

Breakers Speedway owner Robert Campbell committed to assisting the association in promoting the sport in any way he could, as he has been struggling to put on events in recent times because of a lack of resources.

Towards that end, association members have now paid several visits to the track in order to assess the best layout of resources and equipment for the Full Throttle events.

Those members also addressed any safety issues that previously existed.

Committee members meanwhile worked tirelessly to complete all of the necessary safety and competition rules, to go along with the race class rules.

These rules have now been used to create a rule booklet, which can be readily obtained from the association by contacting us at [email protected]

‘We have put a lot of effort into this and I think it will show,’ commented Drag Race Committee Chairman Sammy Jackson. ‘We have the most comprehensive set of rules ever produced for drag racing in Cayman’s history.

‘We believe that this will serve to enhance and promote drag racing in an unprecedented way with safety, sportsmanship and proper organization being our over-reaching objective.’

The race schedule will follow a similar structure as currently employed for the Time Attack series, with mandatory registration on the Friday night before the race.

For the upcoming race, registration will be at the main sponsor’s location, namely Automotive Art, tomorrow. The process will start at 7pm and all racers are encouraged to bring their vehicles so they can be tech-inspected.

Racers will also be able to register and have their vehicles tech-inspected early, between 8am and 5pm, at Automotive Art tomorrow.

Tech inspection for full race cars and people who couldn’t make it to the Friday night tech will be required at the track on Saturday afternoon.

Activities will start at Breakers Speedway at 2:30pm on Saturday with final tech inspection that will run until the 5:00pm cut-off. A crew of association members and volunteers will be there earlier cleaning and prepping the track and the grounds.

A mandatory driver’s meeting will commence at 6pm and qualifying will start promptly at 6:15pm. Races are scheduled to start at 7:30pm.

Based on the turnout at a recent meeting with drag race enthusiasts at Corner Pocket last Tuesday and the feedback since then, the association expects to have a decent turnout of race cars.

The association also expects even more participants for the next event, which is scheduled for November 14.

The local motorsports association stands committed to organized, professional, safe and fun events.

It also hopes in making the Full Throttle Drag Racing Series that it is a successful venture that everyone in Cayman can be proud of.