New league, same heads

Local darts is flying with momentum.

The sport went off to its World Cup competition last month and sees one of its big annual tournaments in a few weeks.

The latest coup for darts is the start of its annual league next Wednesday.

The 2009-2010 Budweiser Darts League is slated to begin at 8pm at Corner Pocket.

Eight teams are slated to compete in this year’s league every Wednesday at roughly 8pm.

Among them are expected to be Triple Crown and Fidel Murphy’s.

Under the steady hand of Hank Ebanks Triple Crown claimed last season’s title.

Ebanks had a big role to play with the team’s success as he finished near the top of the league in tons.

The side just edged out Mark O’Keefe, Eddie Ballantyne and the Fidel Murphy’s side.

Matches are slated to be played at three alternating venues in Corner Pocket, Jillian’s and Mango Tree.

This year’s league is fully sponsored by Budweiser, which takes over from last season’s sponsor Guinness.

Cayman Darts Association President Arthur Ebanks was pleased with Budweiser’s involvement.

‘I’m very much in appreciation of them and we’ll do our best with their support. Continued sponsorship creates more tournaments, extra playing time and ultimately extra motivation for all the local players to do well.’

In addition to the Vivian Rankine Memorial darts tournament at month’s end, local darts also witnessed its 2009 AGM a few weeks ago.

The executive committee saw little change as Arthur Ebanks retained his Presidency while Michelle Cullen (Treasurer) and Miriam Rodriguez-Anglin (Secretary) reprised their roles.

Eddie Ballantyne (more on him on page 14 of today’s Sports section) was awarded the role of Venue Inspector.

The biggest and most emotional change came with Ricky Bodden stepping in to fill the role of Vice President.

The position was left vacant with the sudden, tragic passing of Phillip Parsons. This summer Parsons passed away from a heart attack at 46.