Preliminary inquiry adjourned

A preliminary inquiry into a charge of attempted murder against Roy Barrington Williams Jr., 20, did not proceed on Monday, 5 October.

Magistrate Nova Hall heard from Crown Counsel Alister Cumming that witnesses in the case were not available for the proceedings and at least one was in the UK.

He applied for an adjournment on these grounds.

However, Defence Attorney Benjamin Tonner said the Crown had over two weeks to summons witnesses and if his client missed this session of the Grand Court, he would have to wait for three months in prison to get another date for trial.

Mr. Tonner said he wanted the Crown to revisit their position as it relates to bail for Williams.

In responding to the application for an adjournment Magistrate Hall said she was not minded to grant the defendant bail, given that there was cogent evidence and Williams was considered a flight risk.

She then ordered a production warrant for Williams to reappear in Summary Court for a preliminary inquiry on 26 October.

Williams is charged with the 1 August shooting of a foreign man, which took place behind the Nevlaw Building in George Town at roughly 4am.