Jazz is big bucks

In responding to a Freedom of Information request filed by the Caymanian Compass, the Department of Tourism has disclosed that the cost of producing the Cayman Jazz Fest is CI$1,149,092.

Included in this figure is a budget allocation of $409,537.50 for the foreign artists on the line up.

The exact amount being paid to each respective foreign act could not be disclosed by the Department, because of this particular information is exempt as a result of sections 21 and 23 of the Freedom of Information Law 2007, which prohibit prejudicing the commercial interest of any person or organisation/s and unreasonable disclosure of personal information of any person, whether living or dead.

Local acts have been known to make up to $1,800 for a night at the yearly festival and the ticket has become a coveted resume upgrade for local bands, according to several Caymanian musicians, who asked to not have their names published.

The artists say they are pleased with what the festival has to offer local acts and they realise that the foreign artists have a considerably different investment to recoup, in addition to being a major pull for fans from all over the world.

Foreign artists travelling to Cayman to perform in this year’s Jazz Fest include headliner Alicia Keys, Peabo Bryson and Keith Sweat.