Cayman featured on Delta flights

Passengers travelling on more than 17,000 domestic and international Delta Airlines flights will see footage of Sunset House and the Cayman Islands, which feature on board its in-flight entertainment.

A travelogue-style video promotes the sport of scuba diving and diving in the Cayman Islands.

Sunset House, Grand Cayman’s Hotel for Divers, by Divers along with the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism and various other dive organisations, contributed funds to develop a five-minute video segment for Delta Airlines’ in-flight entertainment, directing potential new divers to the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association’s Be a Diver website (

The other organisations include Divers Alert Network, the Professional Association of Dive Instructors, Sherwood Scuba and DEMA.

On this website potential customers can find every dive retailer in the United States, along with DEMA member international destinations to learn all facets of becoming a certified diver.

Launched in the spring of 2008, the Be a Diver campaign has contributed to the success of those who have embraced and utilized the unique branding materials of DEMA’s programme.

Much of the footage used in the Be a Diver commercial was actually filmed at Sunset House and the Cayman Islands with the goal of supporting global diver acquisition. The filming was conducted sensitively, to meet the need for depicting a generic, beautiful, warm water destination; all logos and identifiers were removed from boats revealing only a beautiful diving destination that would entice customers to the Be a Diver or retail user’s website.

‘Diver acquisition is key to the longevity of not only the sport, but tourism in the Cayman Islands,’ said Keith E. Sahm, Director of Marketing at Sunset House. ‘Sunset House has taken an active role in the promotion of the Be a Diver campaign. As everyone in the scuba industry should, we value new divers coming into our sport. As goes diving, as goes Sunset House and the Cayman Islands’.

Airing throughout the entire month of October, the five minute Delta Destinations video will showcase the Cayman Islands and the sport of scuba diving to more than 2.6 million travellers during the first hour of their flights.