Taxes should be fair, collectible

I too am disappointed that the new taxes seem to fall mostly on the poorer people, the already struggling small businesses and the lower capitalised companies.

The business premises fee for example will fall on the small business people as they are the ones that rent their premises, not those businesses that own their properties.

The environmental tax on vehicles costing less than $12,000 in my opinion is very crude, as again that segment of the population are the people who buy these cars.

I would much prefer that all motor vehicles imported to the Island pay this fee rather than just the low cost.

To remit funds to other jurisdictions there will be more innovative and less expensive ways of doing this than to pay exorbitant fees. This could spell the end of the current way to do this. Many people will likely send cash in the mail or use correspondent banks to deposit funds to, or debit cards and credit cards or use drafts.

The UDP campaigned largely on helping small businesses but this is a strange way of providing incentives and assistance.

However, with the fees for motor vehicles, there could be a spin off in repairs and parts as it will be a lot more economical to repair than to discard some vehicles as is the present case.

I doubt that the business premise fee is even collectible. I wonder just how much effort and manpower will be required to enforce and collect this fee. It will probably be like the fees that are collected for the garbage, it costs as much to collect as is collected, and is mostly based on an honour system.

I trust that whenever the Government thinks of taxes again and I know they are constantly doing so, they would remember the principles of taxes; they should be fair to society and easy to collect. Sadly this is not the case with these new revenue measures.

Dexter Rivers