Driving skills deplorable

Many of us are amazed with the standard of driving on the roads these days. It leaves a lot to be desired for the common good of both drivers and pedestrians alike.

Taking a proper driving test with foreign nationals in mind is only part of the problem with foreigners. The real problem is the irresponsible, careless and rather casual approach to driving.

Statistics prove that people drive while they are intoxicated (alcohol or drugs or both) and others seem to completely disregard the road traffic laws. For example: driving well beyond the speed limit, dangerously overtaking, cutting off the other driver at roundabouts and elsewhere just to get ahead, not slowing down on wet slippery roads, and failing to stop at stop signs and red traffic lights.

Until irresponsible drivers change their ways, there will be more than an average of three vehicular crashes per day. Some accidents are either never reported or settled before the police arrive on the scene.

Motor vehicles can become instant lethal weapons when operated in a careless and irresponsible manner, especially at high speeds.

Ongoing driver education is our only hope to get the message across that we should all ‘drive unto others as we would have them drive unto us.’

Geoff Daniels