Snorkeler saved by tour operator

Caymanian boat tour operator Randy Parchment has been credited with saving a life, after resuscitating an elderly man who was said to be drowning during a recent snorkelling excursion.

snorkeler saved

Randy Parchment, left, and Donald Pageant at George Town Hospital. Photo: Stuart Wilson

At about 11.25am on 22 September, about 57 tourists were aboard Mr. Parchment’s vessel at the Barrier Reef near Sting Ray City, when a man who was making his way back to the boat stopped moving.

Randy and his brother Roger Parchment then jumped into the water and were able to get the man back to the boat.

According to witnesses, the man, who has been identified of Donald Pageant of Tennessee, was blue and had no pulse. However both Randy and Roger are CPR certified and were able to pick up the victim and put him on a stretcher so Randy could administer the life saving technique.

They were able to get the water out of his lungs and restore his pulse, at which time oxygen was administered.

The tour boat then took Mr. Pageant to Captain Marvin’s Dock in Governor’s Harbour, where he was met by an ambulance summoned during the trip back to shore.

Once paramedics arrived on the scene, Mr. Pageant was laughing and joking say witnesses, who added that he was very apologetic to the other visitors.

‘Everybody should know CPR, especially in this business,’ said Randy Parchment. ‘We observe our guests and pay attention to detail. I mean you are only out for two to three hours at a time and that is not a long time to ask anyone to be diligent for.’

Mr. Parchment went on to say he was pleased that the Port Authority requires all tour operators to have CPR training.

Randy, along with his brother Roger Parchment run a company called Peace Maker Charters and both are boat captains, as well as the grandchildren of Captain Marvin Hurlstone, who is one of the pioneers of boat tour operations in the Cayman Islands and a lifelong seaman.