Weekends and weight loss

There is no doubt about it; weekends can throw havoc to your best-laid plans for weight loss. In fact, weekends may as well be called ‘weakends’.

Certainly for me, losing weight came more successfully only after I learned how to manage weekends. All the good work and hard effort from Monday to Friday literally went out the window as a result of my weekend weaknesses.

Why do weekends pose such a challenge to our weight loss goals?

Most participants in Lifestyles weight loss programs correlate it to: lack of structure and scheduling of time (we don’t have to be a work); boredom (we long for time off and then get bored); fatigue after a busy week; easy accessibility to the refrigerator; excess partying and socializing; and the proverbial diet-trap of ‘my diet begins again on Monday’

While I eventually did lose 87lbs, success would surely have come sooner had I managed weekends in a better manner. Those late-night Sunday binges played special havoc in spite of the renewed commitment to begin again on Monday.

Learning to manage eating, without feeling deprived, is an essential ingredient in losing weight.

Here are a few tips to help with ‘weakend’ damage control:

Do your very best all week long with food journaling and exercise.

Plan for special treats, beverages and meals on the weekend.

Keep up your exercise programme on Saturday, no matter what happened at Happy Hour on Friday.

Plan things to do if you are prone to boredom – walk the beach, offer to cook dinner for a friend, visit somebody in need of company, or complete a chore.

Take Sunday off to rest and rejuvenate; much overeating is in response to fatigue.

Make an intention to get back on track as soon as you can.

By knowing your personal patterns and habits, you too can succeed in losing weight and keeping it off for a lifetime.

Don’t let weekends be an obstacle; learn how to turn them into a time of opportunity.