Free mammograms for gala guests

Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital has signed on as a sponsor of the RE/MAX Breast Cancer Gala Dinner, as it will offer all dinner guests a voucher for a free mammogram.

‘It is with great pleasure that we announce that each woman attending the upcoming 17 October Breast Cancer Gala Dinner at the Ritz-Carlton will receive a mammogram voucher courtesy of Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital,’ said James Bovell, owner and broker of RE/MAX and director of the Breast Cancer Foundation.

‘Prevention is the key to survival where breast cancer is concerned. We sincerely thank Dr. Steve Tomlinson and the Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial staff for their strategic efforts in bringing breast cancer awareness to the forefront and assisting the women of our local community with this gift of positive health. ‘

‘It is the goal of Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital, along with the many other healthcare organisations of the Cayman Islands, to offer information and support to those affected by breast cancer,’ says Shahla Gilman, finance and operations assistant at Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital. ‘The campaign encourages partnerships of public service organisations, professional medical associations, and government agencies working together to promote breast cancer awareness, share information on the disease, and provide greater access to screening services.

‘The breast cancer diagnostic mammogram services at Chrissie Tomlinson are integral to the screening process and the hospital is committed to providing as part of the campaign a significant number of mammograms to the fundraising efforts.’

Approximately one in eight women will get breast cancer in their lifetime, with the risk increasing with age. The first signs of breast cancer typically show up on a mammogram before it can be felt or any other symptoms are present. Mammograms are among the best early detection methods.

It is recommended that women in their forties and older have mammograms every one to two years. It is also recommended that an early detection plan accompany regular mammograms, with a clinical breast exam completed by a trained medical professional, in addition to monthly self-exams.

Guests have a lot to look forward to on Saturday night, with performances by local band Bona Fide and dancers from Vivendi Cabaret. Of course, the main event is the keynote speaker, Hoda Kotb, host of the Today Show, who is a breast cancer survivor herself.

In its second year, all proceeds from the event will benefit the breast cancer initiatives of the Cayman Islands Cancer Society, the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens and the Bosom Buddies.

The event begins at 6pm with a welcome reception, before guests enjoy dinner, live entertainment, dancing, music provided by OneWorld Entertainment, Bona Fide and Singrays. Silent and live auctions will also add to the activities of the evening.

For sponsorship information, donations to the auction, tickets and table purchases, please contact the RE/MAX Cayman Islands office in 7 Mile Shops, or call 949-4822. Please check the event website for regular updates at