Pupils start punching for fun

The $1.2 million D. Dalmain Ebanks boxing gym finally opened its doors to the general public this week.

Officially opened in May by the PPM government just before the elections, it was not fully equipped until recently after a change of government.

The gym is beside the netball court at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex in George Town and is one of the biggest and best equipped boxing gyms in the Caribbean.

D. Dalmain Ebanks died a few years ago after spending a lifetime coaching aspiring champs.

Opening a boxing gym was Dalmain’s abiding passion and it was fitting that it was named after him, albeit posthumously. At least his widow Esther has lived to see it erected.

One of Dalmain’s early pupils was none other than world class light-middleweight Charles ‘The Killa’ Whittaker.

The incoming UDP had more pressing things to pay attention to and when the gym had all the finishing touches added, pupils from John Gray High School were the first pupils to use it on Monday.

Two newcomers to boxing are Adrianna ‘Hands of Stone’ Duran and Sheila O’Connor, both John Gray pupils and both 14. They are more used to netball and football but are willing to give the sweet science a try.

Casting a watchful eye over them is boxing coach Donie Anglin. He was pleased with the enthusiasm of his first school classes. ‘Around 60 of them came on Monday and they loved it,’ he said. ‘The teacher was pleased with how much they enjoyed it too.’