Kudos to Cayman

Throughout the 36 years I have been blessed to visit Grand Cayman, I have seen the growth, struggles and ups and downs that Caymanians have faced. While change has become the norm, the warm and wonderful Caymanians still make visitors feel welcomed and at home.

My recent trip was a pleasure in many ways. I spent special times with dear friends. I enjoyed the sea and sun. The island looks beautiful. You have cleaned up from hurricanes Paloma and Ivan. The trash is gone, buildings are painted, landscaping is fresh, new construction is everywhere. I see a shining, sparkling Grand Cayman.

So, Caymanian friends, keep up the good work and protect the treasure that is Grand Cayman. You will see me again soon as my heart, my grandson Jackson, now lives on Grand Cayman. May God bless Grand Cayman and all Caymanians.

Debra Browne