TeleCayman extends fibre optic network

TeleCayman has announced the extension of its fibre optic network. The network will now provide businesses in Atlantic Star, the Fidelity Financial Centre and the Grand Pavilion with data speeds of up to 1,000 megabits per second.

Fibre optic technology is growing in importance as many businesses require increasing bandwidth and a highly secure, reliable and resilient network to transfer or backup data in real time to locations around the world.

A fibre network is able to provide data services in excess of 1 Gigabyte per second between multiple office locations.

In addition it offers flexible internet plans with symmetrical bandwidth, the ability to run all customer applications simultaneously and flexible voice services.

In response to customer interest in the new fibre optic network in George Town TeleCayman has completed phase 2 of its network extension.

The fibre network now reaches as far as Grand Pavilion on West Bay Road via the Easterly Tibbetts Highway and Camana Bay.

Tom Kinstler, CFO of TeleCayman stated that ‘for the Cayman Islands to maintain, and indeed elevate its position in the global financial industry, it must have an infrastructure with the technical capability to provide a world-class network which meets the standards and requirements of international business.

‘By connecting 35 buildings in George Town first, the business hub of Grand Cayman, we have attempted to provide that capability.’

Project manager Mark Bailey added: ‘Once we had a fully operational network in George Town, the timing was right to execute Phase 2 of the network roll-out and extend its reach to the other critical business areas of Grand Cayman. Businesses located in Camana Bay, Fidelity Financial Centre, Atlantic Star and Grand Pavilion now have the opportunity to upgrade their communications services to the TeleCayman Fibre network.’

‘Grand Pavilion Commercial Centre, located on 7-Mile Beach, was one of the first properties to express a keen interest in providing its tenants with TeleCayman’s state-of-the-art fibre facilities that will allow them to operate their businesses efficiently and effectively. We are very pleased to be working with TeleCayman to provide this fibre network connectivity option for all of our tenants and by doing so hope to support their businesses as they move into the future’, stated office manger Shirley Nicoletta.

TeleCayman provides fibre optic networks, data and voice solutions, co-location and hosting and disaster recovery solutions.

Its fibre optic network in Grand Cayman reaches from George Town to Camana Bay and Grand Pavilion