Today’s Editorial October 21: Air local music on existing frequency

Cayman’s local musicians are making noise again.

We just hope this time that Government listens to them and acts on a proposal to air locally produced music on frequency 107.9.

That station has more dead time than a funeral home. Many of us tune in to listen to weather broadcasts, but for those who aren’t aware of the frequency – including visitors – if they happen upon it between updates they hear nothing but dead air.

The musicians have an idea to market 107.9 as a way to let tourists become aware of two very vital things in the Cayman Islands – the fact that we do indeed have some very talented musicians and needed weather information.

It seems like a win-win situation.

Costs to run the already existing station could be kept to a minimum with area musicians working together to get their music in a digital format that can be played between weather announcements, which wouldn’t have to be as frequent as they are now unless we’re facing a major storm.

The music can be updated as needed to provide variety.

There is already a memorandum of understanding between the Cayman Music and Entertainment Association and area radio stations that requires local music be played for an hour a day.

It’s an MOU the Caymanian Compass applauded when it was adopted, but we also recognised the desire of radio stations to pick and choose which local music they wanted to air. While a majority of those who make local music in the Cayman Islands do a superb job, there are some bands that just aren’t up to snuff to please the market and even more – the advertisers.

The idea to use 107.9 to air local music is now squarely in the lap of the Government and Minister with Responsibility for Broadcast Julianna O’Connor-Connolly.

If our musicians’ music is allowed to air, more people will hear it and more locally made CD’s will be sold. It’s just another way to support the Caymanian product.

And it’s the right thing to do.