Can yoga help you lose weight?

There’s no doubt about it, yoga has become the ‘in thing’ in fitness as evidenced by the avalanche of yoga classes offered from gyms to boardrooms, beaches to bedrooms.

And Cayman is keeping pace with the trend with a wide variety of yoga teachers, classes and studios to choose from. We’ve come a long way, baby!

My own yoga teacher training took place right here on island with an impeccable teacher. At the end of my first yoga class, as her gentle voice reverberated around the room, I simply rested on the mat and cried.

It was like finally getting in touch with me after a long absence. Since then, teaching yoga for locals and tourists alike has brought great rewards.

You too, may find benefit from this ancient practice, and if delving into the Eastern philosophy and religion aspect of yoga is not for you, you can still benefit from developing a yoga practice that will soothe tired and aching muscles, quiet the mind balance the body and provide all of the benefits that yoga brings.

Overweight folks are often un-inclined to want to move much, and yoga offers a wonderful way to reconnect, gain emotional balance, begin to restore physical limitation and increase circulation. Can yoga help ease the pain and restriction caused by extra pounds? Can yoga help you lose weight? I think it can.

Research is showing positive weight-loss success for overweight participants who combine yoga with another form of physical activity.

Reader, beware however. Hot-style yoga, so popular for high intensity, high heat, and calorie burning potential is potentially dangerous if you are overweight and out of shape. It’s scary to see a red-faced man huffing and puffing through a hot-yoga class. Like any exercise, start gradually and build your way up to new levels.

Practising yoga increases body awareness and leads to mindful eating. This heightened sensitivity can promote weight loss in people who are overweight and prevent weight gain in individuals of normal weight, according to a report in a recent issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.