Island Electronics offers security at Expo

Business and homeowners concerned with the recent spate of crimes in the Cayman Islands may want to visit Island Electronics Security & Monitoring Ltd. at this week’s Chamber of Commerce Business Expo.

The jump in burglaries and muggings over the last year is alarming. Accepting that the police simply cannot be everywhere at once, it falls upon citizens to assist in combating this insidious trend by installing or enhancing security systems custom designed for their property.

IEL is a Caymanian company well established as a premier security provider, states a press release.

With 23 years of experience in state-of-the-art installations and monitoring, IEL ensure that they keep abreast of the latest trends in the industry and pass on the benefits of that knowledge to their customers. The common misconception is that such systems are only accessible to the very rich.

‘There are so many different options available on the market these days suiting a wide range of budgets, that no home or business need do without the necessary protection,’ says Vangie Hunter, office manager of IEL. ‘We can give an evaluation, which will include not just a comprehensive security plan, but also suggestions that address possible weaknesses in the property which can be easily rectified by the owner, or if they prefer, our knowledgeable and professional staff.’

Home and commercial systems can feature a wide range of products, all available through IEL, which cover the threat of fire, theft and damage. Sensors, alarms and video surveillance equipment are all used to pinpoint problems and emergencies and provide immediate, sometimes lifesaving, alerts. Twenty-four-hour monitoring is key when a quick response is critical. Customers can literally rest assured that their safety is in Five Diamond Certified hands, thanks to the intensive training course that each and every central station dispatcher must pass, designed by the Central Station Alarm Association.

Business owners may be surprised to learn just how far fire and security technology has advanced. IEL’s line of fire products do not just include individual smoke alarms – they can also offer fully integrated systems where all sensors are linked via a comprehensive database that notes their precise position in the building so that should a fire occur, the location and status of the threat can be instantly identified.

Video surveillance is brought into the 21st Century, allowing you to view and record all sections of your building at all times with ease, particularly as the fuzzy product of yesteryear has been replaced with crisp, crystal clear displays. Assess employee work habits, keep an eye on suspicious behaviour and lower your liability and insurance payments thanks to your ability to be a more informed business owner or manager.

Access control isn’t just relevant on your computer network. IEL can take it to the physical level in the form of keypads and security locks on inner and outer doors. Efficiently restrict employee access to specific areas, and prevent any unauthorized entry attempted by unwelcome parties.